The Story

It’s interesting how our work defines us in so many ways. While work spaces have become fluid – the home, the office, the ride – all interchangeably becoming places of work, what remains constant is our need to find a comfort zone in our work. And what better way to achieve this than the chair we sit on?

Evan Davis once said that a chair is not just a place to sit. It’s a medium of self-expression.

Yes, you heard that right. Because a chair is something that decides how optimum your productivity will be, how well you fit, and therefore, feel. Because most of us spend the better part of our day working, our instruments of work (chiefly the chair we sit on) usually decide how good our output will be. And we all know how bad chairs have ruined our days and how a good chair can magically leave us feeling creative, fulfilled and happy.

And yet, mass-produced, aseptic chairs with a kind of corporate blandness and lacking any kind of aesthetic seems to the order of the day. You chair is not you. And it’s certainly not designed for comfort; we settle for whatever is available - often ruining our necks, backs and our state of mind in the process.

What’s missing?

A healthier way of sitting in workspaces, an active ergonomic seating where every element may be adjusted to one’s body, where there are height adjustments for the right foot position, elbow relief through adjustable arm rests, contoured seat bases with the right foam density, perfect lumbar supports and healthy back reclining.

Yet, in all this, there is somewhere a reflection of your personality, your aesthetic. Can you have that?

Yes you can.

Worldtag seeks to combine design philosophies with human body ergonomics to bring you a sense of fashion even in seating. With Worldtag chairs, your seating can be as stylish as you are. And when you fancy a change, you don’t have to change the chair, you can merely change the back! Yes, we have a range of stunning, trendy, arty mesh backs that can be zipped on and off. It’s personalization at a different level.

Our team comprises the best professionals from the world of office furniture design and veterans of marketing. You can be assured of experience and exuberance in equal measure. Allow us to seat you better and you’ll see. Rather, feel.